Norwegian lobster

These are usually treated in prawn fresh.
During sales of Norwegian lobsters, the number of fishing days will be displayed on the Pefa site.
The smallest Norwegian lobster in Kattegat is 13 cm.
There are usually 15 kg in a box.
If the cutter is an MSC vessel, the lobsters will be sold here.

The lobsters will always be iced at the bottom of the box.
At weekends in the summer, they are also iced at the top. The top boxes are always iced before transporting.

Prawnfresh MSDS

Prawnfresh Inst. brev


Sorted fish from the loader

The fish are sorted by hand from the loader.
They are sorted according to the sizes displayed, as shown on the following link: Link with sizes
A full box of flat fish weighs 30 kg. Fish/roe is always placed at the bottom of the box.
Dover sole is covered with plastic on the top and then ice.
The fish must be marked with the necessary information.
Employees responsible for sorting have up to 15 years’ sorting experience.

Fish that is landed sea-packaged

Here the auction will check that the fish and weight complies with the information provided from the cutters.

If there is any doubt as to the quality and weight, the fish will also be checked over

The auction uses the following quality standards, which are also known at other fish auctions that are part of Pefa.

E+ Alive
E Top, super quality
E/A+ % for super (more E than A+)
A+/E Good quality, but only up to % super (more A+ than E)
A+ Good quality, but no or only a little super
A/A+ Iced fish with slightly shiny quality
A Iced fish
B B quality