Information about transport for buyers

It is the buyer who is responsible for transporting the fish purchased at the auction to their own destination. The auction has a permanent driver, O. V. Jørgensen Fiskeexport A/S, who fetches the fish at auction and, unless otherwise notified, the auction will transport the fish using this vehicle.

O.V. Jørgensen Fiskeexport A/S can deliver fish to the buyer as agreed, and delivers to the following places on specific days, see below:

All buyers on Zealand/Jutland can have their fish delivered daily.

Dutch buyers can have their fish transported to Padborg by O.V Jørgensen A/S. The buyer can then agree onward transportation of the fish with Vooruit A/S, Padborg , which can usually take place the same day as the purchase.

German buyers can have their fish transported to Padborg by O.V Jørgensen A/S and thereafter by Nagel-Group, Padborg, who following agreement with the buyer, will take over the transport on the evening of the day the fish was bought.

Spanish buyers can have their purchases transported from Gilleleje on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays by O.V Jørgensen A/S, which will deliver to Nagel-Group, Padborg the same evening. The Nagel-Group is then responsible for onward transport as agreed with the buyer.

For information on transport prices, the buyer should contact O.V. Jørgensen A/S.

Please note that all transport from Fiskeauktion Danmark A/S to the buyer’s destination as at the buyer’s own cost.